Our co-founder / formulator / resident scientist, Christine Skibola, PhD uses her vast scientific background to produce Cosmic View’s cannabis products aimed at helping individuals with specific health conditions. 

Each formulation is backed by scientific research on the biological actions of all of our ingredients and their potential synergistic effects. 


We use full flower CBD for all of our products, ensuring the highest quality of medicine we can possibly deliver to our patients

Our non-cannabis ingredients are certified organic or grown with organic farming practices. As often as possible, our non-cannabis ingredients are mindfully sourced from organic local growers devoted to stewardship of the land.


Our products are never, ever made with harsh chemicals—we collaborate closely with our cultivators and extractor to use a low pressure supercritical CO2 extraction method that minimizes terpene and valuable phytonutrient loss during the cannabis extraction process. Our extracts are less refined than most on the market, retaining more of the natural polyphenols and chlorophyll from the plant that have antioxidant, anti-cancer and other health promoting benefits.




We believe that pure, simple ingredients make the best medicine, beginning with our premium, heirloom extra virgin olive oil and the terpene-rich, gently extracted cannabis. We believe that making medicine with healing intention is powerful. We offer full transparency into our ingredients and process and we share the latest research on cannabis medicine with you, because health should never be proprietary.



Cosmic View products are made with award-winning, cold pressed Tuscan blend extra virgin olive oil from a small farm in the heart of Sonoma County. As a family of olive oil makers and connoisseurs, we wanted to bring our patients a premium epicurean and health experience. Studies show that particular polyphenols in olive oil actually activate the CB1 receptor, inhibiting the growth and proliferation of certain cancer cells. Olive oil has been used throughout history to promote skin and heart health.



Our formulations are hand crafted with the highest quality, pesticide-free, full sun cannabis. Our cannabis comes the pristine Emerald Triangle, California and is grown with the utmost love and respect for the earth by our small, craft farmers. 

We use full flower CBD for all of our products, ensuring the highest quality of medicine we can possibly deliver to our patients